Water Resources for Kids Hilton Head PSD

Water resources educate kids on just how precious of a natural resource water is for all of us

WATER’S WORTH IT® is a campaign by Water Environment Federation (WEF), the PSD’s wastewater industry association that encourages the public to preserve and protect water.

The coronavirus pandemic has provided a reminder that access to water and wastewater services is essential and fundamental to all aspects of life and society. Water workers, along with many other critical professionals, are on the front lines of the global response to coronavirus.

That’s why WEF created the WATER’S WORTH IT®/Coronavirus toolkit with targeted messages about the critical need for water and wastewater services and the dedicated professionals who work 24/7 to keep the systems clear and the clean water flowing.

Below are some downloadable coloring sheets and worksheets for teachers and parents. Click on the images to download.

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