Developer Procedures

Specification Manuals

A copy of the District’s Design Specification manuals can be purchased from the District Office at a cost of $100.00 per copy. District detail drawings will be provided digitally upon request with the purchase of the manual.

Water and Sewer Regulations

The following files are the District’s regulations governing Water and Sewer Use, and Water and Sewer Capacity.

Construction Guidelines

Hilton Head Public Service District requires that all construction projects within its
service area conform to current standards for design, material, and construction
methods. To facilitate use of these standards, the following guidelines are
provided for use by developers, engineers, and other consultants.

*Any updates to guidelines will be posted here with the date the update was added.
*These guidelines are current as of March 1st 2006

Sections 02-04 Administrative Procedures

This section provides the background and basic procedures for development.

Sections 05-08 Water

Sections 09-12 Gravity Sewer

Sections 13-16 Sewer Force Main

Sections 17-20 Sewer Pump Station

Sections 21-22 Sand, Oil, and Grease Separator

Sections 23 Excavation and Backfill

Sections 24-25 Casing, Spacers, and End Seals

Section 26 Appendices

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