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Responsible Lawn Care & Irrigation

Hilton Head PSD partners with Clemson University Extension Service to provide customer education about responsible lawn care and landscaping in the Lowcounrty. Clemson has several websites to help you learn more about responsible irrigation and landscape management. Below are the links to the valuable resources:

Carolina Yards

Clemson Extension’s Carolina Yards program seeks to work with residents in creating healthy, watershed-friendly landscapes. Use simple and effective gardening methods to help guide you towards a low maintenance yard that works with nature, rather than against it.

The South Carolina Native Plant Society

The South Carolina Native Plant Society is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and protection of native plant communities in South Carolina. They work to make this happen by providing programs and activities including field trips, plant rescues, native plant sales, monthly educational lectures and educational journals designed to:
• Educate and inform members and the general public about the importance of native plants
• Support efforts by government agencies to protect habitats and endangered species
• Encourage the use of native plant materials in public and private landscaping
• Promote the commercial availability of native plant materials
Help more people come to understand and appreciate the vital role native plant species play in the health and sustainability of our natural ecosystem!

Home and Garden Information Center

Clemson’s Home and Garden Information Center is the resource for all of your horticulture and landscaping questions.

College of Agriculture, Forestry & Agriculture

Clemson Extension helps improve the quality of life of all South Carolinians by providing unbiased, research-based information through an array of public outreach programs in youth development; agribusiness; agriculture; food, nutrition and health; and natural resources.

Beaufort County Cooperative Extension

Beaufort County’s Clemson Extension Service office can be found at this website. Or contact their office at (843) 470-5109. Clemson Extension employs Extension Agents who work closely with state extension specialists and researchers located on campus and at the various research and education centers located across the state. Your local Extension Agents provide expertise in Agribusiness, Agronomy, Food Safety & Nutrition, Horticulture, Livestock & Forages, Forestry and Wildlife Resources, Water Resources, and 4-H and Youth Development.

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Tips for Responsible Irrigation

EFFIciency inside your home

Indoors, please consider standard efficiency measures such as limiting shower durations, running full loads in dishwashers and washing machines, and turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Here are some resources to help:

How much water do you use?

Home water conservation is easy once you understand how and where you can use less. The quick and easy Water Calculator shows you which water uses in your home are efficient and which are not and offers simple conservation tips that save water and energy.

PSD efficiency news

hilton head island's local irrigation laws

Hilton Head PSD believes it is each property owner’s duty to irrigate responsibly in order to conserve our greatest natural resource – water. The Town of Hilton Head Island has adopted both a rain sensor ordinance and a local irrigation ordinance, and the PSD strongly encourages property owners to adhere to these local laws.

Town of Hilton Head Island Municipal Code Sec. 17-10-211. Exterior landscape irrigation restricted.

Exterior landscape irrigation is hereby limited to the following days for all customers within the town limits, as follows:

Town of Hilton Head Island Municipal Code Sec. 17-10-313. Rain sensors required in new exterior landscape irrigation systems.

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