Leading Ladies of Hilton Head PSD

HIlton Head Monthly interviewed the leading ladies of Hilton Head PSD

Barry Kaufman / Hilton Head Monthly

Founded in 1969, Hilton Head PSD has provided clean water and friendly service to the island as it has grown from a sleepy golf resort into a busy community. We asked a few of their leading ladies about their work at HHPSD and their lives as women in the industry.

Q: Were there any mentors you looked to as you started out?
A: My supervisor, Vermell. She was always open with sharing institutional knowledge in a respectful and pleasant manner. She made me extremely com-fortable coming to her with questions, which really helped me find my way in the organization.

– Renee White, customer support representative

Q: What challenges did you face as a woman in business?
A: Early on, it was probably just find-ing my voice and not being intimidated by the more experienced team members surrounding me. When I learned to stand a little taller and speak with confidence, doors began to open.

– Connie Whitehead, executive assistant

Q: What do you think has been the single most important thing for your success?
A: There are four things I hold equally: Positivity, Respect, Education and Self-care. You must be positive. It carries over into your mood, words and actions. Respect ALL people! Treat everyone like you would want your mother to be treated. Be a lifelong learner. The world, industry and community are constantly changing. Take care of yourself. You have to be your best to offer your best.

– Vermell Doctor-Scott, customer support supervisor

Q: What challenges did you face as a woman in business?
A: Personally, I’ve sometimes found it hard to speak up for myself in some of the predominately male businesses I’ve worked for. Not out of fear, but because I didn’t feel it would make a difference. It has really been an area of growth for me over the last two decades.

– Lorie Chisolm, accounting specialist

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your business?
A: Believe in yourself and reach for the stars. You determine your goals and your limits. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can have it.

– Elizabeth Hamilton, customer support representative

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