About HIlton Head PSD

The Hilton Head Public Service District (PSD) is a special purpose district created by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1969 to provide water and sewer services to Hilton Head Island.

Before Hilton Head PSD

Residents of Hilton Head Island relied on private wells for their drinking water needs until 1957. At that time, a local development firm called the Hilton Head Water Company introduced a community waterworks system, installing water lines and drilling wells throughout the island. As the community expanded and development progressed, however, Hilton Head citizens became increasingly aware of the need for enhanced services, a need especially apparent in fire protection, water flow and sewer services.

Hilton Head's Growing Infrastructure

Ten separate utilities, both public and private, provided water and wastewater services to the residents of the island at the time of the District’s creation. Beginning in 1995, the District acquired the four utilities that now comprise its current service area, including Hilton Head Plantation Utilities, Hilton Head Island Rural Community Water District, Coastal Utilities and Hilton Head Utilities. In addition, the PSD acquired two small systems on the island previously served by the Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority. Consolidation of the remaining island utilities formed the three public service districts currently serving Hilton Head Island – Hilton Head, Broad Creek, and South Island PSDs.

Hilton Head's Water Treatment Today

The remainder of Hilton Head Island is served by either the Broad Creek PSD, which serves Palmetto Dunes and the Shelter Cove area, or South Island PSD, which serves all areas of the island south of Shelter Cove. The three island PSDs work together on an array of issues, including staff training, hurricane operations and recovery, and future water supply planning.

Today, Hilton Head PSD serves more than 19,000 customers in the north- and mid-island areas of Hilton Head Island, from Windmill Harbour to the Hilton Head Resort.

Hilton Head PSD milestones

Talk of the Town Interview

Hilton Head PSD is seeking to expand its water supply capacity via several projects that would be funded by American Rescue Plan Act funds: 1.

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