What Not To Flush: Please help us keep our sewers rag-free

These simple actions can help protect our environment, public health, and your pocketbook.

“Rags” is the sewer utility term for fibrous materials that don’t break down after being flushed down your plumbing. Rags and other items disposed of improperly within the PSD sewer system can damage sewer pumping equipment and impede pumping operations at our sewer lift stations and wastewater treatment plant.

They clog the impellers inside system pumps and then have to be manually removed. Such clogging hinders the operation of pumps and diminishes their efficiency, which subsequently causes back-ups and high levels in lift stations. This creates a threat of sewer system overflows that can be a serious hazard to public health and the environment.

Additionally, it creates unnecessary maintenance expense that can eventually impact customer rates and bills. Your assistance is needed to stop the practice of placing rags, towels, cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, as well as objects such as rope, mop-heads and even old clothing, into the PSD sewer system.

Please be sure to dispose of these items in the garbage, and make sure all floor drains within your home or business are protected with grating.

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