Hilton Head PSD receives record number of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Hilton Head Public Service District (PSD) 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This was the first year we included the survey in our monthly billing, and we received an all-time record number of responses. The previous high for survey responses was 400 — a 3.2% response rate.

The 2018 Survey received a whopping 1,385 responses — an 11.3% response rate!

More good news: By including the survey in our monthly bill mailing, rather than sending it out as a separate mailing, we saved roughly $9,000. Those savings help keep costs down for our customers.

The PSD is proud to report that respondents gave us an overall approval rating of 96%, and a 97% Customer Service approval rating. Thank you for the great feedback!

Some of our favorite comments:

  • “Kudos to your service crews. They come quickly, are courteous and know how to fix problems.”
  • “Your office personnel are the most congenial and friendly of any business on HHI.”
  • “The PSD communicates its plans and initiatives well, and cares about informing its customers.”
  • “Never had a problem in my 40 years here! Thank you!”

2018 Customer Survey Results


  • 96% overall approval rating of PSD
  • 82% approval rating of PSD tap water quality
  • 76% approval rating of water pressure
  • 82% believe PSD rates are reasonable
  • 97% Customer Service approval rating
  • 95% Communications approval rating

Questions & Responses

1. How would you rate the overall quality of your tap water?
Excellent 25%, Good 57%, Fair 15%, Poor 3%

2. Do you filter your tap water for drinking?
Yes 59%, No 41%

3. Do you buy bottled water?
Yes 71%, No 29%

4. How would you rate your water pressure at your home or business?
Excellent 23%, Good 53%, Fair 18%, Poor 5%

5. Do you follow Hilton Head Island’s two-days-a-week-only irrigation rule?
Yes 79%, No 21%

6. Do you believe the PSD’s water and sewer rates are reasonable?
Yes 82%, No 18%

7. Which of the following bill payment methods do you prefer?
By mail 46%, Online/Recurring Credit Card Payment 23%, Automatic bank draft 22%, In person 6%, By phone 3%

8. Have you checked out our new online Customer Portal to track your usage?
Yes 11%, No 89%

9. How would you rate Hilton Head PSD customer service?
Excellent 44%, Good 52%, Fair 3%, Poor <1%

10. How would you rate Hilton Head PSD communications?
Excellent 38%, Good 58%, Fair 5%, Poor <1%

11. Do you support the Master Sewer Plan sewer construction projects the PSD is performing?
Yes 95%, No 5%

12. Overall, how would you rate Hilton Head PSD?
Excellent 39%, Good 57%, Fair 4%, Poor <1%

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