Boil water advisory to Hilton Head PSD customers

The Hilton Head Public Service District (PSD) advises its customers to vigorously boil their water for at least one (1) full minute prior to drinking or cooking at this time. This advisory applies to all parts of the PSD’s service area. This advisory is being given due to loss of water system pressure as a result of damage from Hurricane Matthew. The PSD is working tirelessly to restore the water system. We will advise customers when the advisory is no longer in effect. Customers are asked to follow local news media for updates. The PSD is not aware at this time of any contamination of the water supply. This boil water advisory is necessary due to the loss of system pressure that occurred.  Customers are asked to use as little water as possible to help maintain the water system pressure. Customers are asked to not use drains or toilets until further notice to avoid sewer overflows.

Customers are advised that the PSD service area was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. Customers may have water service but no sewer service due to power outages or damaged sewer pumping stations or line breaks. Customers may be without water service due to breaks that cannot yet be repaired because the location of the break is buried under debris that must first be removed, or is otherwise in an unsafe area. The PSD is currently responding to hundreds of breaks. Customers are asked to please exercise patience during this extensive recovery operation from a significant disaster.

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