Hilton Head PSD and BJWSA to conduct treatment on water lines

The PSD and our wholesale water provider, Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority, will temporarily change the water treatment method and flush water lines throughout our service areas for a three-week period starting Oct. 17. The treatment is part of routine maintenance on the water distribution systems. There will be no interruption in service as a result of the work. Customers can use water as normal.

Customers may notice a slight chlorine taste or odor in the tap water between Oct. 17-31 as a result of the treatment. Customers in some areas may notice brief discoloration in the tap water as a result of lines being flushed. If water appears discolored, customers should run cold water taps for a few minutes. If discoloration persists, contact the PSD at (843) 681-5525.

Customers who are especially sensitive to the taste and odor of chlorine can keep an open container of water in the refrigerator. This will reduce the chlorine taste. Water stored in refrigerated containers should be changed weekly.

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