Sewer Service Extension

Providing 100% Sewer Access

The PSD in 2004 embarked upon a long-range program to provide access to the public sewer system to all properties in our service area. That effort has since resulted in more than 95 percent of the PSD’s service area now having sewer access. Several projects that kicked off in 2013 will help push the PSD toward its goal of 100-percent sewer access throughout our service area.

The Town of Hilton Head Island has been an integral partner in this effort by providing funding for projects as well as town-owned land for the location of needed sewer infrastructure. The PSD Commission and Town Council have held a series of “Sewer Summits” to gauge their progress toward the goal of 100-percent sewer access.

The PSD uses two types of sewer systems. The primary system is known as gravity sewer. Sewer service lines, known as laterals, from homes and businesses connect to PVC sewer mains in the street. These mains conduct the wastewater via gravity to a nearby sewer pump station or to a pressurized sewer force main.

The utility also uses low-pressure sewer systems. This type of sewer system uses a grinder pump that works similar to a garbage disposal and is located outside and adjacent to the home it is servicing. The unit is buried. Solid materials in the household wastewater are ground into a liquid form and then pumped out into a pressurized small-diameter HDPE pipe and transported to the PSD’s conventional gravity sewer system. The pressurized lines eliminate the need for gravity to force the wastewater from homes to the gravity sewer system. In many cases, the low-pressure sewer pipes can be bored into the ground – rather than placed in trenches like gravity sewer mains. That means less construction disruption to neighborhoods, such as tree removal and tearing up roads in order to bury gravity sewer lines. These features make the low pressure sewer system an excellent alternative for existing neighborhoods. The PSD remains responsible for the maintenance of low-pressure sewer systems after installation.

The PSD’s Recycled Water Plant on Oak Park Drive is the final destination for all wastewater collected in the public sewer system. The PSD annually recycles more than 1 billion gallons of wastewater into beneficial recycled water for golf course irrigation and wetlands nourishment.

Customer Connection Financing & Assistance

The PSD offers long-term, low interest financing for customers connecting to the sewer system.

If you are not connected to sewer and would like to be, please call the PSD at (843) 681-5525 or email to learn more.

Please see our Project SAFE web page to learn more about our low- and moderate-income sewer connection grant program administered by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry.

Sewer Summit IV

Hilton Head Public Service District and the Town of Hilton Head met on 5/14/15 to discuss the future of sewer access on Hilton Head Island.

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