Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PSD’s water sources?

The PSD has multiple water sources. The majority of our water is produced in our Reverse Osmosis Water Facility, which treats brackish groundwater from a 600-foot-deep aquifer. We purchase water on a wholesale basis from the mainland, and we also use freshwater wells that are approximately 150 feet deep. Learn more about our sources of water here:

Where is my water shut-off valve?

Your water can be shut off at the main valve.  Everyone in your home should know where this is located. The main valve (usually with a wheel-type handle) normally is located either on the customer side of the meter box or just outside the point where the service line penetrates the foundation of the house. It will be in line with your water meter, which is usually located near the edge of your property line near the street.

Some homes may also have a water shut-off valve located in the garage. Bear in mind that closing such a valve will turn off water to the interior of the home, but not the exterior.

What is the hardness of my water?

Please visit our Water Hardness page at for information about hardness levels near your home or business.

Does the PSD’s water contain fluoride?

The PSD does not fluoridate our water; however, a small amount of fluoride naturally occurs in our water sources. The wholesale water the PSD purchases from the mainland is fluoridated in small amounts. Please visit our PSD Publications page at to find our Annual Water Quality Report, which contains the results of fluoride monitoring.

I rent out my property. The renter moved out. Why was the account automatically put back into my name?

The PSD will return an account to the property owner’s name after a renter has moved out, because it must continue to charge base charges on the account. The fixed expenses that must be recovered through the base rate do not disappear when a renter moves out.

What type of leak qualifies for a leak adjustment on my bill?

If you have a leak on your property’s side of the water meter, you must document to the PSD that you had the leak repaired, including all relevant dates. Leaks that warrant adjustments typically are the result of broken water pipes on the customer’s side of the water meter.

How much of an adjustment will the PSD allow?

Upon verification of the leak and repair, and upon review of your consumption history, the PSD will bill your account at the lowest tier of rates for the dates relevant to the leak, regardless of the amount used.

How long will it take to receive a refund check from the PSD?

The PSD does not issue refund checks for leak repairs. Instead, we will credit your account.

Renters should expect to receive a refund check within a month of the date upon which they closed out the account if a refund is due after the final billing is satisfied.

May I add someone else to my account?

The PSD will add a name to an account if the individual who is being added provides the utility with their signature and Social Security Number. Requests to add individuals to accounts must be made in writing by the current account holder.

May I have a copy of my bill history, including all names on the account, for credit purposes?

Yes; however, the PSD will accompany the billing history report with the dates upon which all names on the account were added to the account.

May I drop another person from an account?

Any individual who is being dropped from an account must request to be dropped in writing, providing the PSD with their signature and Social Security Number.

Do I have to my pay bill if my property is in foreclosure?

Yes, you must pay the bill until such time as the PSD receives formal verification of foreclosure from you or your attorney.